Francine Hardaway


Dr. Francine Hardaway is an inveterate early adopter, which is how she discovered Web 3, and fell into the rabbit hole. Before she became a crypto enthusiast, she was a social media enthusiast. They are more alike than different. She is a three-time entrepreneur, the founder of Opportunity Through Entrepreneurship Foundation, and coach to about 1500 startups over the years.

In her latest incarnation, she writes on Living the Dream on Substack, and invests in NFT projects that uplift marginal communities. She is the creator of the $KARMA Coin, a creator token on, and the hostess of the Karma Club on Clubhouse, a weekly salon for intelligent, thoughtful people who are interested in current global issues. There’s a lot more, because she is not young, but you can find that all on LinkedIn where it belongs.

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