John Bates


John Bates‘ mission is to bring out what is awesome inside of forward-thinking, growth mindset leaders, so they can have the impact they want to have on the world. He supports leaders who are slightly nervous on stage in becoming totally TED-Worthy, confident, relaxed, and influential.

After totally blowing his first time on the TED Stage, John dug in and is now a global Leadership Communications Expert, Executive Coach, Author, and Keynote Speaker. He is also one of the most prolific TED format coaches in the world. Leaders from organizations like Johnson & Johnson’s JLABS, NASA (including the Astronauts), US Navy Special Operations, Boston Scientific, NORAD, and more recommend him to their colleagues as the best leadership communications coach working today. He knows the power that mastering the TED format can bring to anyone – in business and life.

John is also an in-demand pitch coach. He supports many accelerator programs and organizations including Johnson & Johnson Innovations JLABS, The Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge, ION Houston Accelerator, Starburst Aerospace Accelerator, and more. He has assisted clients in winning million-dollar pitch competitions, raising millions in VC, winning millions in grant money, and more.

John designs all of his programs using principles derived from neurobiology, so your COMMUNICATION is as mighty as YOUR IDEAS.

Find his bestselling book at Amazon: Your Amazing Itty Bitty Guide to Being TED-Worthy: 15 Essential Secrets of Successful Speaking Based in Human Neurobiology

FUN FACT : If you do a search for “John Bates TED FAIL” I will be the first result. And, you’ll find a very useful article about how not to embarrass yourself when you speak at TED. I am an Eagle Scout.

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