Jennifer Navarrete

Podcasting | Blockchain

Jennifer Navarrete is an award-winning social media professional who has 16 years of experience in the podcasting and social media landscape. She is a firm believer in the”Learn,Share, Grow” model popularized by Social Media Club. Her career as a podcast producer, social media strategist, conference organizer, speaker, and community builder well prepared her to recognize the impact Web 3.0 will have on podcasting and the world.

So much so that in the summer of 2021 she launched the Crypto Content Creators podcast and video show with co-host Shaine Mata, to learn more about creating content on the blockchain, share what she has learned, so that others can join in and grow as the new frontier of the web develops.

For the 14th Annual National Podcast Post Month(#NaPodPoMo)in November 2021 she launched a 30-part podcast series, Social Media and the Blockchain to introduce listeners to the world of content creation on the blockchain.

In January 2022 she created the #BlockchainCreators Community and 31-Day Challenge on Twitter Spaces. Each day she goes live to share what makes the blockchain both familiar and new as well as a great #Value4Value proposition for content creators and curators.

The goal of the Crypto Content Creators, Social Media and the Blockchain, and the Blockchain Creators is to demystifying the blockchain as a content creation destination and encourage you to dip your toe into the Web3 stream.

When she’s not on the blockchain, the best place to find Jennifer at all hours of the day and night is on Twitter.

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