Sara Ahmadian

Investing in Crypto

Sara Ahmadian is founder of Anar Ventures, a VC company that invests in blockchain technologies and apps. Sara approaches business with an engineer’s mentality, mixes it with real-world insights, and has a knack for encouraging founders to achieve their true potential.

Sara specializes in building blockchain ecosystem in emerging markets and is a Venture Advisor throughout the Middle East and Latin America. She is a seasoned speaker who is regularly a government delegate invited to consult on nascent start-up ecosystems in the US and abroad. Beside tech companies, she co-founded The Laundry, an incubator for immersive experiences which supports entrepreneurs and artists.

Sara has been recognized as prominent and influential entrepreneur by US Obama Administration and Google for Entrepreneurs.

Sara holds a B.S. in Math applied in Computer Science, an M.S. in Information System Engineering and a Master of Business Administration.

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