Maximillian Fox


Maximillian Fox is a cryptocurrency investor, software and hardware engineer, entrepreneur, pilot, scuba diver and adventurer.

Maximillian has a long history as an engineer and entrepreneur. He started his career by creating an underwriting application for an aviation insurance company that allowed them to centrally manage and service their entire book of business. After that, Maximillian created a secure reporting platform that allowed reporters to securely and easily submit stories from around the world making it into the Newseum in Washington DC. Maximillian then joined GoPro as an applications architect and helped build the tools that allowed GoPro to go public. After GoPro, Max helped start Game of Drones which later turned into the Aerial Sports League, a worldwide leader in drone sports, entertainment, and education. Maximillian then began investing in cryptocurrencies ultimately starting Cryptosolis, a cryptocurrency mining company and JFly, a digital logbook application for pilots.

Beginning in 2019, Maximillian began purchasing NFTs, and staking and yield farming cryptocurrencies in the brand new decentralized finance(DeFi) industry. Since then, Maximillian has staked or yield farmed over 100 cryptocurrency assets and NFTs on several blockchains. Managing these existing cryptocurrency assets, discovering new ones and educating others on decentralized finance is hard and there was nothing available to make it easier. That’s why Maximillian and his co-founder Amir Beheshtian created DefiSherpa.

FUN FACT : I’ve never eaten a hot dog. I spent the beginning of the pandemic in Antarctica

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