David Hamilton Nichols

Investing in Crypto

David Hamilton Nichols is an American speaker, author, investor, and producer. David was born as fourth generation of a prominent California farming family.

David is currently best known as a renowned global investor. In addition to his industrial and retail real estate holdings, he has built a portfolio of startups with a focus on impact that range across North America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, and Africa. They span diverse sectors from climate change and renewable energy, to blockchain, AI, and EdTech, to healthcare in Africa, to name a few. He has served as board member and advisor in many of these companies. For his work, he has been featured in media, including Entrepreneur, The Jerusalem Post, and Yahoo Finance. David was awarded Global Impact Champion 2020-2021 by India Needs You (INY) for his efforts in the space of impact investing to build a better world. He was recently named among the “Top 10 Investors And Investment Companies To Follow In 2022” in the International Business Times and was listed as one of “10 Influencers to Follow in 2022” (across multiple publications).

A popular international speaker, David has addressed a wide variety of audiences from giving keynotes on economy and climate change at the college and university level in India to being a panelist on business partnerships and the UN Sustainable Development Goals at the Nobel Peace Center during Nobel Prize Week. He has keynoted on impact investing for the United Nations Association (Young Professionals). He has been a family office summit speaker and has presented on blockchain and crypto. He also has had extensive experience as a transformational speaker in the personal development field. David is a published poet and article writer and is currently writing a book.

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