Brian of London

Podcasting | Blockchain

Brian of London completed a PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics just as the Web was emerging. He was using Veronica, Archie and Gopher just before NCSA Mosaic came along on his JANET connected Silicon Graphics Computer. But then he left academia to do management consulting and eventually moved to Israel to do business. Thankfully he’s now back and coding up ways to keep freedom alive. Brian’s working on the cutting edge of the new Podcasting 2.0 to make sure this relic of the early web, stays free from capture by the centralising forces of Web 2.0 and their dangerous desire to turn us all into dairy cows. Web 3.0 with direct support of creators by their audiences is his focus now and programmable money is at the heart of that. In his spare time he assists with a gigantic class action lawsuit in Australia on behalf of the entire crypto industry.

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